August is Happiness Happens Month

Wow … do you feel like our new decade has thrown everyone for a happiness loop? Even the happiest person may feel a little less happy than they normally do and your happiness may feel flat. You aren’t doing your normal summer activities, and just waiting to see if fall will be anything close to normal.

Some of you may feel more stress, anxiety, and even depression. If this is extreme please reach out for professional help — we’re in unique times so get help if you need it — you aren’t alone.

However, even during uncertain, annoying, and changing times, happiness happens. It might look a little different. But happiness has a common feeling — it makes us feel good. It raises our vibe. It even makes us smile.

We’re Celebrating Happiness Happens Month 2020
On August 1, the Society of Happy People kicked off the 21st Happiness Happens Month. Yep, they’ve been celebrating happiness for more than two decades.

Each year they pick a theme.
Last year, they acknowledged the people who made us smile. This year the world needs more smiles so their theme is Operation #SmileStarter and they’re sponsoring a #SmileStarter Challenge!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to try to do something each day in August to start at least one smile a day — and starting a smile for yourself counts too.

We’re starting the challenge by launching our free monthly screensaver calendar giveaway with something that makes us smile … the beach in our backyard. We hope it makes you smile too!

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