Mancora Ceviche Bar

Mancora Ceviche Bar and Restaurant offers a special treat for beachgoers who are looking for refreshing Peruvian food and cocktails during or after a day in the sun. For owner James Holden, his experience in the food business is a family affair. “I come from a family that has over 40 years of experience in the restaurant business both in the U.S. and Peru,” he says. “Growing up with the traditional dishes of Peru, I wanted to share those special flavors and spices with customers here.”

To truly give restaurant goers the unique culinary experience he desires, he started with the perfect location to bring guests the Mancora Beach vibe and views. Mention Mancora to a Peruvian, and they’ll think of sea and sand.

“The name ‘Mancora’ comes from a city on the beach in Peru known for its laid-back atmosphere and great food,” he says. “We have brought Mancora to South Florida. Mancora Ceviche Bar wants to become your local restaurant where you will have first class food and drinks in a casual, beach environment.”

They take traditional dishes and add a South Florida twist. Take customer favorite the Ceviche Trilogy. On the plate sit three martini glasses – each with a different type of ceviche filled to the brim. At the base of the glasses, there’s a variety of delectable goodies like fried calamari.

“It’s just great to see customers taking pictures of every plate that comes to the table and post to social media,” he says.

In addition to great views and amazing food, James believes customer service is key to keeping foodies coming back for more. “My vocation is customer service…it is the same in any business. The customer is always first.”

Beyond that, he hopes to give South Florida diners an experience that’s maybe a bit unexpected.

“We like training cooks, and we like people who are willing to change and learn new ways of preparing dishes,” James says. “Our cooks are excited about the Fort Lauderdale location and enjoy hearing customers’ comments on how much they have enjoyed the food…especially those who have tried a dish they have not had before.”

At Mancora, they plan to keep things interesting by adding new drinks and desserts to the menu periodically. Plus, a lunch menu suitable for midday beach breaks. They’re proud to fly the flag for a country that’s gaining a culinary reputation.

“Peru has won the Best Culinary Destination Award eight times in a row,” he says. “Come in and we will show you why!”



234 Almond Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316