Inclusion & ADA

Fort Lauderdale Beach proudly welcomes guests of all abilities and provides an unforgettable experience to everyone, including those with visible and invisible disabilities. The journey to sunny Fort Lauderdale Beach starts at Fort Lauderdale Airport and begins as soon as you arrive, where you can receive any assistance, you may need. At the airport, the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program allows individuals with a range of disabilities – including those related to learning, mental health, mobility, speech, vision, and hearing – to discreetly request extra time and support. Passengers simply need to request a lanyard or pin in advance by emailing, and then they can wear the internationally recognized symbol of the sunflower, which informs airport employees that help is needed.

Hotels, attractions, theatres, beaches, transportation services, and more throughout the city are also going above and beyond to provide an easy and enjoyable experience for everyone. Accessible tourism isn’t only a matter of human rights, but also an opportunity to celebrate diversity and include all visitors. Fort Lauderdale Beach opens its arms to every guest with equal hospitality, creating an atmosphere of inclusion. Our mission is to ensure all people have the same opportunities to explore Greater Fort Lauderdale, no matter their age, physical abilities, or disabilities. Our community strives to provide information and access to wheelchairs, sign language interpreters, listening devices, and understanding of the autism spectrum, so that no one misses out. On Fort Lauderdale Beach, all visitors can walk the same path and enjoy the same vacation experience – no matter what their abilities are. The City of Fort Lauderdale is committed to serving the needs of all of its citizens and visitors, and our goal is to ensure access to information for a diverse audience. The City of Fort Lauderdale ADA Coordinator is available to assist.