La Playa’s Day(club) of Discovery

On Saturday, June 11, La Playa Dayclub opens their stage and ears to students, alumni, and faculty of the Wired Sound Academy, the Fort Lauderdale-based music school dedicated to teaching the essential skills needed to build a successful career in the music industry.

“In today’s world you need two things to succeed,” says Crespo, Co-Founder of Wired Music Academy. “You need to educate yourself on your craft, and you need to have experience. At [Wired Music Academy] we strive to do both which is why we appreciate the support of local businesses like La Playa Dayclub.”

La Playa Dayclub, a new luxury day club concept that sits right on the shores of Fort Lauderdale Beach, is quickly becoming the home for house music fans and artists. With legendary artists like EDX, Art Department, and Boris playing their treehouse (yes it looks like a tree!), this club is growing in popularity every week. “Music and community are two essential parts of the La Playa Dayclub experience,” says Jason Shaw, CEO of Round Table Marketing Group. “So although we do book big headliners, it is also very important for us to cultivate artists from right here in our community. This is why we are thrilled to be working with this incredible team and their students. We are happy to offer a start on what is to be some major musical careers.”

Dallas Calles Wired acadamy

The full-day event is curated by head instructor Dallas Calles, also known as DCal. He has worked with students, of all ages, day in and day out helping them to learn equipment, master the art of musical set design and the basics of artist development. “Our artists have worked hard and have spent many hours practicing. We can’t wait for you to see and hear what we have in store for everyone at La Playa Dayclub.”

Artists to take the stage are Bobby Nastro, Ambrxse, DVNY, MadPark, and their accomplished instructor DCAL.

“Fresh off the plane from Tulum to playing La Playa in the same week, easily one of our highlights of the year,” says Bobby Nastro who is half of the local duo His & Hers. “ We always told our instructors at Wired we wanted to play this type of set and now here we are! ”

Admission to this event is free. 21+ Only

About Wired Academy
Located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale in the burgeoning arts and culture district lies Wired Music Academy. Founded by Crespo, a world renowned dj (TAO Las Vegas & LIV Miami) and top charting musical artist Landis, Wired Music Academy aims to give students not only an education but real opportunities for their graduates. With both in-person and online courses, opportunities for learning are endless. To learn more, visit

About La Playa Dayclub
Awaken your sense of discovery as you step into the intimate jungle oasis of La Playa Dayclub, Fort Lauderdale Beach’s first true luxury day club experience. Nestled on the 2nd floor of Fort Lauderdale’s most beloved beachfront restaurant, Bo’s Beach, this hidden sanctuary calls out to travelers, adventurers, and wanderers alike.

Dance alongside the setting sun, immersed in lush foliage and the rhythmic vibrations of the world’s best international House Music DJs. With our breathtaking views of Fort Lauderdale Beach, this paradise found is a haven for the daring voyager inside us all. To learn more about La Playa Dayclub, please visit