November Screensaver

November screensaver

With the ushering in of November, we are beginning a really special time of the year. In contrast to the first cool drop in temperature November brings, it replaces it with warmth in our hearts and feelings of gratitude, giving and gathering. Just like each month teaches us a small lesson, November signifies a time of peaceful reflection and provides us with 30 glorious days to slow down, explore our surroundings and time to reflect on ourselves and community before December’s hustle and bustle.

Wherever you spend your November, our monthly screensaver helps you bring a little bit of Fort Lauderdale Beach, our peaceful ocean, and a symbolic sunset as we enter the final phase of the year.

November Screensavers

Desktop 1920 x 1080
I Phone 1080 x 1920
Zoom Background 1280 x 720