5 Reasons to Rent A Boat this Summer

rent a boat in fort lauderdale

Renting a boat in Fort Lauderdale sounds oddly specific, but the April 2021 article by RJ Frometa in Vents Magazine helps make sense of why it’s a great summer vacation idea.

Before getting started, the author makes clear renting a boat can be done without any experience out at sea, and can be more flexible than is stereotyped regarding the budget.

Here are the top 5 reasons Vents Magazine recommends renting a boat in Fort Lauderdale this summer.

1: Staycations are Less Risky than Flying Abroad

Despite recent news about US residents being able to travel to Europe in the summer, things can quickly change, and risk still exists. For this reason, many people are viewing this summer as the last one before things go back to “normal”. Whether this is true or not, we should be looking at alternative holidays early on.

However, if the deal is reciprocated and Europeans are allowed to the US – presuming nothing changes – the allure of a yacht rental in Fort Lauderdale still applies for the following four reasons! There’s nothing like relieving the lack of personal freedoms over the past year with sailing in an infinite sea.

2: Peace and Privacy on Your Own Terms

After having spent a year in lockdown, it’s likely you’ve accustomed to a quieter life with fewer crowds. Whilst some think they crave to have this back; many will have gotten used to it and will want to slowly ease back into normality. Renting a boat is the perfect way to have privacy and quiet on your own terms. You can come and go to Florida’s bay as and when you like, meaning you have an escape button to the bed of the Atlantic ocean anytime you want.

3: Renting a Boat is an Exciting Experience!

As Europe opens up to the US, many may flood there without realizing that most of Europe are very much in strict lockdowns. The last thing you want to do is risk your holiday being a mundane, vanilla experience.

Sailing at sea not only escapes the clutches of lockdowns but it’s a fascinating, luxurious experience. Whilst some live at sea, few get to experience what it’s like for a week. You’re faced with challenges, tranquility, beauty, freedom, and even your own parties if that’s your thing!

4: Fort Lauderdale has Something for Everyone (under the sun!)

Fort Lauderdale is the perfect option to rent a boat. Not only is it full of boating canals, making it extremely easy to navigate and access, but it’s inundated with just about everything. High-end shopping, cozy bars, excellent cuisine, and some of the best beaches in the world.

This is suitable for a family holiday break as much as it is for a young couple or group of friends. The nightlife is very much geared towards cocktail lounges and wine bars and has plenty of attractions such as the Swimming Hall of Fame museum and Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.

5: Fort Lauderdale’s World-Class Beaches

Fort Lauderdale is famous for its incredible beaches. So, if you were looking for a relaxing sunbathing holiday, this can be a way to ramp it up a notch. Sure, you could visit Fort Lauderdale Beach and stay in a hotel, but then you would be missing the most exciting experience of all: finding hidden beaches just off its shores.

Stumbling upon amazing beaches that are less busy is a wonder that can be explored better by boat. Florida is packed full of secret islands – none of which you would come across without a boat.